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NonProfit PRO
The Changing Face of Issue Advocacy Ad Formats
The way issue advocacy ad formats are being delivered is changing. We’re seeing an explosion of nonprofit organizations buying billboards to incite activism or bring awareness.

QSR Magazine
Why Quick Serves Should Invest in Out-of-Home Advertising
In today’s world of social media and digital ads, traditional billboards almost seem archaic. Yet, the billboard industry is actually growing, largely because of its convergence with newer technologies.

Spotify Offers “Share on a Billboard” Button to Premium Users
At the beginning of each December, music streaming giant Spotify offers users a year-end analysis of their listening habits, called Spotify Wrapped.

St. Louis Ad Club
Why Does Controversy Cause Social Lift?
A billboard which appeared to equate Donald Trump to Jesus was put up last weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. The ad (pictured above) featured a picture of Trump with a partial quote from John 1:14, “the word became flesh…” The right-hand corner of the billboard is decorated with a cross, an American flag, and the phrase, “make the gospel great again.”

The Future of OOH: What ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Gets Right and Wrong
Based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, the original Blade Runner film was released in 1982. This existential neo-noir film was set in dystopian Los Angeles in the year 2019.

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DOmedia Blog
How Big is a Standard Billboard?
We frequently get questions about billboard formats and sizes. The most popular question probably is, how big is a standard billboard? Today we’ll answer that by going through different billboard types and their sizes.

DOmedia Blog
Seller Release Notes 12/18
Previously, sellers had no way to generate a contract unless it came from a proposal first. Now, sellers are able to create contracts with their inventory to create a record of inventory proposed outside of the DOmedia system.

DOmedia Blog
Black Friday OOH Spend
Black Friday is fast approaching and consumer businesses are gearing up for the mad rush. It’s estimated that more than 154 million people will shop the weekend after Thanksgiving.

BillboardsIn Blog
Brewing the Perfect Beer Ad
It’s five o’clock somewhere — a phrase made popular by the Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet song of the same name — means that there’s never a wrong time for an adult beverage. For many people, an ice-cold beer is the adult beverage of choice. 

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New Audience Data and Systems will Aid OOH Planning
COMMB has hired DOmedia, a leading technology company, to develop new software that will be used to manage OOH audience data and provide a new analytics suite for agency, advertiser and OOH company members.

BillboardsIn Announces Fastest Transaction
On Friday, New England small-business owner Timothy Lewis purchased his first billboard only one hour after requesting quotes on BillboardsIn, making it the fastest transaction on record for the largest marketplace for outdoor ads.


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I managed a team of 2-5 SEO copywriters to produce custom content for over 4,800 individual landing pages. 1,000 most high-value landing pages ALL fall within top 3 search results for targeted keywords. 90% ranked #1 for targeted keywords. Example pages:

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DOmedia Blog
2018 Out-Of-Home Media Badass Awards
Aside from creating the awards and writing the blog post, I also ran a successful campaign on twitter with the following results: