• Review: Revolutionary Girl Utena-Black Rose Saga-Nozomi Release

    Again, this is a review of the Nozomi release; not the series itself.

    This set contains episodes 13-24, which include the last episode of The Student Council Saga and all of The Black Rose Saga (I don’t get it, either). This set comes in a nice art box, which contains three discs in slimcases, as well as a booklet.
    Disc One: Animated Storyboards-1997 Utena Japanese Promo-Nozomi Trailers
    Disc Two: Kunihuko Ikuhara Interviews 1 & 2, Nozomi Trailers
    Disc Three: Kunihuko Ikuhara Interviews 3 & 4, Nozomi Trailers
    *Ikuhara’s episode commentary on the episodes included in this set
    *The Art of Shichiro Kobayashi, Art Director Interview
    *The Two Be-Papas: The Making of Be-Papas Studio, Part 1
    *Shinya Hasegawa, Character Designer Interview
    *Character Art Gallery
    *Rose and Blood: Utena’s Art Style
    *Key Art Gallery
    *Laserdisc Liner Notes from the Japanese Archives