• Mill Creek Re-releases Roseanne & Others

    Mill Creek Entertainment seems to have taken over several of the Carsey-Werner series that Anchor Bay used to put out. These series include Roseanne,¬†Grounded For Life, That ’70s Show, and 3rd Rock From The Sun.

    This is great news for Roseanne fans as this is the first time season one will be released uncut. With season one, the masters Carsey-Werner provided Anchor Bay were edited for syndication. This meant roughly three minutes of footage was chopped off every episode compared to the original broadcast versions. Fans were outraged and this was corrected on the remaining sets, but a complete set of season one was never released. Mill Creek will release seasons one and two of Roseanne on September 13. These are three-disc sets and they retail for $14.98.

    You can pre-order here.